With Farris, a trustworthy valve is only part of our promise. Farris provides customers with total pressure relief management solutions that support a facility’s entire lifecycle, transforming the way you ensure plant safety:

Pressure relief valves are primarily designed to protect equipment, property, the environment, and life. Allowing processing facilities to operate safely, pressure relief valves often act as the last line of defence against system overpressure which can cause catastrophic damage.

Pressure relief valves operate by opening at a predetermined set pressure, relieving pressure by releasing process media until system pressure drops to normal operating level. At this point, the valve closes, successfully preventing damage to the equipment they are designed to protect.

Product information


Farris Engineering , in partnership  with Emerson, offers Farris SmartPRv technology, a 2600 Series pressure relief valve PRV equipped with a Fisher 4320 wireless position monitor.

Areas of the plant that had previously been too expensive, too difficult or even impossible to monitor using traditional technology can now be monitored with SmartPRV. SmartPRV also extends the range of field application within Emerson'sSmart Wireless solution network, including coverage of criticals assets. Wireless monitoring of PRVs provides equipped plants with the ability to track and monitor valves in real time, providing immediate feedback during an overpressure event.