FARRIS Engineering Sofware iPRSM

FARRIS Engineering Sofware iPRSM

Using the power of iPRSM® technology and our Farris engineering services team, correctly design your pressure relief system to respond to every overpressure scenario

Farris Engineering Systems (FES) team of experienced engineers have the knowledge and experience to plan for every contingency.  Using our iPRSM® software, they will design your facility’s relief systems with the latest technology and per current code requirements.  iPRSM® incorporates a thermodynamic calculation engine to appropriately size your relief systems which will save you money now and headaches later.

Product information

FARRIS iPRSM is a unique solution for the design, audit and documentation of both new and existing pressure relief systems, including the associated disposal (flare) system.

The following are the standard scenarios that can be automatically loaded into a Protected System in iPRSM. For further information on overpressure scenarios, please consult the API 521 guidance document.

  • Blocked outlet
  • Inadvertent valve opening
  • Check-valve failure
  • Cooling failure
  • Reflux failure
  • Loss of absorbent, quench, or cold feed
  • Automatic control failure
  • Abnormal heat or vapor input
  • Entrance of highly volatile material
  • Exchanger tube rupture
  • Chemical reaction
  • Thermal expansion
  • Fire
  • Instrument air failure
  • Power failure
  • Other utility failure
  • Other