Explosion Flameless Venting

Explosion Flameless Venting
The most common basis of safety for protecting industrial processes against
the effects of dust explosions is explosion relief venting. Fike’s FlamQuench
II SQTM technology consists of various layers of high temperature stainless
steel, these absorb the heat produced during the combustion; thus allowing
conventional venting to be used indoors with no release of flame.
Product information

Features and Benefits
• Flame arrester technology combined with rectangular explosion vent panels
• Conventional venting indoors without flame
• Precludes the need for venting ducts
• Large venting area and high venting efficiency
• ATEX certified
• Suitable for venting class St1 non-metallic explosions and reduced explosion pressures ≤1 bar (0.7
bar for sizes > 566x900)
• Inspection door for easy maintenance
• Refurbishable in the field
• Optional dust cover prevents dust ingress at atmospheric side